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It is a fact that men are the ones who grow facial hair in a fast manner because of their hormones. Such hairs are also thicker and coarser than the ones found on the scalp. Some people consider that men with thick and long mustache and beard are not presentable enough. In fact, most companies prefer to high individuals who shaved their facial hairs. Such has been part of the dress codes of some companies. Thus, facial hair removal has become an important part of men's grooming regimens. However, shaving cannot be successful if one does not know the proper tools to use and the procedures to follow.

The very first manual shaving tool is the straight razor. It is an item that is composed of a fixed blade and a handle. The popularity of this tool increased when it was used in a James Bond movie. Such popularity continued and is still continuing to grow. Many people still prefer to use it over an electronic shaver because of the clean and smooth results it gives. It should, however, be noted that when people choose to use the traditional straight razors, they should be industrious enough to maintain its quality. Since the blade is attached, it should be regularly sharpened and cleaned. Some of the best regular straight razors according to are Velvet Forge Straight Razor, Dovo Best Quality Straight Razor, Gold Dollar 208 Straight Razor, and Boker Straight Razor. Nowadays, there are already straight razors wherein the blades can be removed and replaced, which are called shavettes. Two of the most recommended are Utopia Care Straight Edge Barber Razor and Parker SRX Heavy Duty Barber Razor.

Apart from knowing the right tools and maintenance of such, it is also important for people to learn more about the proper way of shaving when using them. Before proceeding with the shaving technique, one must know how to hold their straight razors first. Such is important to avoid accidents and so that users can control the razor better. It is suggested by experts that the first three fingers should be placed on the back of the blade. Such will be supported with the thumb. The pinkie, on the other hand, should be holding the tang area or the movable part of the cover.

In order to make shaving easier and faster, shaving after a hot shower or bath is recommended because the hairs are softer when exposed to moisture. If not, one can prepare a hot towel and placed it over the facial hair. After wetting the facial hair, pump up some shaving cream or soap on a mug or container and add some water. Lather it up using a comb and place such on the facial hair using a comb and a swirling motion. When everything is covered, shaving may already be started. Although men use and prefer strokes on their own, beginners can follow the ones that will be nominated here. The recommended technique suggests that people should use a downward stroke. Meaning, the blade should be going down. The first area to be shaved, as suggested, is the right side of the face, followed by the left side, and ending it with the lower part of the jaw.

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